Best Diving Watches in the Market in 2023

Best Diving Watches in the Market in 2023

Venturing into the ocean's depths requires courage and a well-constructed watch. Dive watches have their allure as valuable devices for underwater exploration, and they look great when emerging from the water. 

However, to identify the best dive watch, you must know the characteristics of a good one. Dive watches can be found at all levels of watchmaking, from affordable impulse buys to high-end Haute horology, despite the strictness of their essential components.

So, What is A Dive Watch?

A diving watch is a waterproof watch that can survive the pressure at divers' depths. Today, a dive watch is predominantly a fashion accessory, something you wear because you enjoy how it looks. You can dive using a dive watch even if you possess a dive computer. Additionally, they are very attractive watches.

Dive watches have essential features that stand out among other watch categories. The distinctive diving bezel functions as a countdown, allowing you to determine how long you have been underwater. A robust shell and an abundance of lumens will enable you to read the information in foggy light from a distance of several hundred meters underwater. 

What Is ISO 6425?

The ISO 6425 standard, issued for the first time in 1982, specifies the minimum requirements that must be met by watches designed to withstand diving at depths of at least 100 meters. In 2018, the most recent edition of the standard was published.

The standard was developed to differentiate timepieces appropriate for diving from "dive style" watches and other water-resistant watches that may not be suitable for diving. Only watches that meet the requirements of the test standard bear the "DIVER'S L m" or "DIVER'S WATCH L m" label (where "L" indicates the rated diving depth in meters).

To comply with ISO 6425 and bear the "DIVER'S" label, watch manufacturers must incorporate particular characteristics and pass several tests. Some tests are conducted on each watch (100% testing), while others are performed on a fraction of the watches manufactured (type or batch testing). 

Dive Watch Water Resistance Ratings Explained 

The water-resistance mark stamped on the watch's back indicates a watch's ability to endure water pressure. The pressure under test can be expressed in Bars, ATMs, atmosphere, or, more frequently, depth and meters. The water resistance rating of the typical watch is indicated as 30, 50, 100, or even 200 meters. The ISO then adds a further level of uniformity.

The ISO 6425 standard stipulates a minimum altitude of 100 meters, which can also be represented as 10 ATM or ten times atmospheric pressure. 1 ATM is equivalent to 1.01325 bars; this is also equivalent to 10 meters. Therefore, a watch with a 100-meter certification is generally safe for swimming, snorkeling, and other watersports, but not scuba diving.

Any watch rated less than 100 meters (10ATM) is not advisable for diving. A watch rated 5ATM (50 meters) can be worn when swimming. However, a watch rated 3ATM (30 meters) should not be submerged in water and is only resistant to rain and splashes. A typical water resistance rating for dive watches is 300 meters (30 ATM); scuba and saturation diving are safe at this depth.


REEF DIVER 2.0 is an automatic diver watch ideal for vacations. It has features and capabilities designed to survive all your excursions. The Reef Diver 2.0 sports diver is water-resistant to 200 meters and looks fantastic both in the pool and the ocean. 

The Serket automatic diver watch can be worn daily (SWC). This classic watch satisfies every requirement for a robust, waterproof, and fashionable statement. The Reef watch features a transparent dial with readable numerals, a conventional spinning bezel, and a strong, durable silicone band that fastens with a buckle.


Unquestionably, the Reef X watches are among the most popular timepieces to appear in our galleries. Although few of us will dive with them, their sturdy construction, outstanding power reserves, and water resistance make them the perfect watch for daily use.

The Reef X Watch Collection has a hacking date mechanism and a 30 ATM water resistance rating. In addition, it has a chapter ring without play and a unidirectional bezel with a solid click. 

Shop Luxury Dive Watches

If you take your diving seriously, you need a performance-driven diver's watch that can withstand the most challenging situations. With the luxury diving watch lines from Serket Watch Company, explore new depths in elegance. These inventive watches stand out for their water resistance and glowing dials and include many crucial characteristics for deep dives. Shop for any of our watches by category directly from our website. Contact us for more information. 


Image Credit: Stubblefield Photography / Shutterstock

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