Greetings from Serket Watch Company

Originally Launched in 2006, SWC is a boutique watch brand with a vision to deliver quality and function with an emphasis on originality and attitude. 

Models are produced in limited quantities with only the best components.

2021 marks the relaunch of the brand in all aspects including new designs and aspirations.


What does Serket mean?

Serket is the Egyptian Goddess of the Scorpion. She takes the form of a woman with a scorpion on her head always ready to strike, or a scorpion’s tail with the head of a woman. More often, she just takes the form of the scorpion itself. Her name means one who tightens the throat...


What is a microbrand?

Microbrand watches are wristwatches produced by independent watch companies that have an output of about 300–2000 watches per year.

The first microbrands debuted in the early to mid-2000s. With the advent of the Internet, brands were able to distribute watches directly to consumers within e-commerce, without taking on the overhead usually associated with luxury goods such as retail locations, marketing budgets, and other associated costs.

Many brands that started (or were revived) during this period are now called "legacy microbrands" within the watch enthusiast community.


For further information please email us:  info@serketwatch.com

Serket Watch Company

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