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Greetings from Serket Watch Co.

The Serket Watch Company is a Colorado-born Luxury Watch Brand, intent on bringing independence and legacy to the watch industry. Beginning in 2006 with a vision to deliver quality and function, the Serket Watch Company designs innovative and unique timepieces with a strict emphasis on originality and attitude. We've worked hard for nearly two decades to develop a line of thoughtfully designed, luxury timepieces and microbrand watches that are intended to be as unique as the individuals who sport them. Our Watches are produced in very limited quantities, utilizing only the best components and latest innovations. 2021 marks the relaunch of the Serket Watch Brand in all aspects, including new designs and aspirations.

What does Serket mean?

Serket is the Egyptian Goddess of the Scorpion. She takes the form of a woman with a scorpion on her head always ready to strike, or a scorpion’s tail with the head of a woman. More often, she just takes the form of the scorpion itself. Her name means one who tightens the throat...


What Makes Serket Watches Different?

Our Design Process

Unlike the majority of Microbrand internet watch companies out there that are sourced factory-direct, and slapped with any brand logo, our Serket Watches are produced in limited quantities, are unique and individual. Our design process, from start to finish, is done with intention and honesty.

With nearly 20 years of watch design experience, our dedicated team of watch craftsmen know exactly how to pay attention to the details—there isn’t a single surface, element, or component on the watch that isn't considered, whether it’s the finish, material, or the color. No matter what angle you look at our watches, rest assured that the utmost attention to detail went into its design, functionality, and production.


Our Product Execution

Our design and production teams craft each Serket Watch with exceptional quality and attention to the finer details. Many microbrand watch companies advertise high-quality materials at cost, but what sets Serket Watches apart is in the assembly—we employ proper engineering and build quality to ensure that our watches effectively bring together all those premium materials into a coherent, cohesive, and timeless watch.

Watches were originally intended to last a lifetime, and that's what we’re continually striving for; there are no shortcuts in the pursuit of luxury, and we pride ourselves on keeping the product honest. Premium materials are only an on-the-surface selling point—it’s all about how every individual component of the watch fits beautifully together that defines the level of luxury and elegance that we’re striving to achieve at Serket Watch Company.


Our Customer Experience

From the design phase to production, to examining the prototypes, to testing the product for durability and functionality, to processing your orders in a timely fashion, and to answer your questions, concerns, and feedback—our team pushes themselves every day to keep raising the bar on the level of quality of our product and customer service experience. For our customers, we truly want to equip you with timepieces that will exceed all expectations in functionality, styling, and durability. We want you to wear our watches proudly for years to come, and that want doesn’t just stop once our product reaches your doorstep.
Our Standards


Our Standards

We here at Serket Watch Company produce luxury timepieces that meet the latest trends and styles but are also still subtle and sleek enough to wear as your daily wristwatch. Since we’re a Microbrand, we can afford to pay attention to the finer details, and unlike some of the major manufacturers, we can afford to use the highest quality materials and designs, without the costly overhead of running a brick and mortar storefront and costly advertising spending. Serket Watches rely on our commitment to excellence, word of mouth advertising, and we firmly believe in letting our product speak for itself.


Why We Create Quality Microbrand Watches

Microbrand watches are wristwatches that are produced by independent watch companies that have a production output of roughly 300–2000 watches per year. The first microbrands debuted in the early 2000s, and with the advent of the Internet age, brands were able to distribute watches directly to consumers through their online shops, without taking on the overhead usually associated with luxury goods. Becoming a Microbrand has allowed us to cut costs in areas such as retail locations, marketing budgets, and other associated costs involved with running brick and mortar retail shops.

This advent of Microbrand Online Retailing has allowed us here at Serket Watch Company to produce timepieces that use high-quality materials and precision engineering, that are available for the everyday consumer. Whether you need to catch the train for your daily commute, or you’re heading out to dinner with a friend or catching late-night drinks with a client, our watches will keep you on time and in style.

Many brands that started (or were revived) during this period are now called "legacy microbrands" within the watch enthusiast community.


For further information please email us:  info@serketwatch.com

Find our Contact Us page here.

Serket Watch Company


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