Difference between Automatic & Quartz Watches

Difference between Automatic & Quartz Watches

A watch movement is an engine that drives the watch and its functions. This internal mechanism moves the hands and other components, including a chronograph, annual calendar, or dual time zone. The movement drives all timekeeping processes and is crucial for maintaining accurate time. Without it, a watch would not function.

In watchmaking, two well-known movements are frequently used to power timepieces. You will encounter quartz and automatic watches searching for the ideal design. Both are highly regarded in the watch industry, yet they operate differently. Let us clarify the distinction between the two so you can make an informed decision.

What is an Automatic Movement?

Mechanical movement watches are sometimes referred to as automatic movement watches. They received this name because they operate with a rotor, the crucial component that provides power to these watches in place of a battery. In this instance, the wearer's movements drive the rotor. As a result, it displays a consistent sweeping action of the hands through the railway wheels.

While quartz watches employ quartz oscillators to assure time accuracy, automatics use harmonic oscillators. However, their different winding methods are the primary distinction between them. 

In mechanical movement watches, the user must manually wind the spring, whereas, in automatic watches, the watch using the energy gathered from the user's wrist movements, winds the rotor automatically. This procedure allows the watch to function even if it is removed at night. Examples of automatic watches Serket Watch Company sells are the Reef X watches.

Automatic Movement Benefits

Automatic watches are associated with luxury making them popular and pricey. However, whether a mechanical watch is manual or automatic, it is typically more expensive than a quartz watch due to the complexity of its components and the labor involved in its manufacturing. Consequently, an automatic watch is a status symbol.

Moreover, automatic watches typically have a distinct weight, contributing to a pleasant wearing and handling experience. Automatic watch components are often heavier than quartz watch components, resulting in a weight that signifies their superior quality. 

What is a Quartz Movement? 

Quartz watches are battery-powered and derive most of their energy from the stepping motor and quartz crystal in the electronic circuit that controls the timekeeping accuracy.

This energy transformation from an electric field causes the railway wheels' hands to rotate at a predetermined frequency or speed. It is an instantly distinguishable movement due to its ticking sound and step-like hand action. Examples of the quartz watches sold by the Serket watch company are the Chronograph watches

Quartz Movement Benefits 

Key benefits of quartz movements contributed to the Quartz Crisis of the 1970s. Numerous people continue to enjoy these benefits:

  • Highly commended for their precision, quartz movements rarely gain or lose time and are renowned for their accuracy.
  • Battery-powered timepieces are highly reliable because the owner is not required to keep the hands moving. Those who love low-maintenance timepieces prefer these watches.
  • Quartz watches are less expensive than mechanical watches because the brand does not need to account for the hours and skill required to create the mechanism.
  • As watches are renowned for their endurance, the wearer rarely needs to have them repaired. Replace the battery every one to two years.

Automatic Vs. Quartz Movement: Which is Better for Me?

The choice is entirely dependent on individual desire and watches attributes. The argument for or against quartz movements is typically intense among watch lovers. Certainly, quartz mechanisms have brought innovation to wristwatch manufacturing. Rather than comparing quartz and automatic movements, studying and valuing each watch is more prudent. Both movements have contributed to innovations, discoveries, and advancements in the watchmaking industry. 

If you are interested in a timepiece's complexity, skill, and workmanship, you should consider purchasing an automatic watch. However, a quartz movement is better if you need a trustworthy watch that tells the time at a fraction of the cost. Alternatively, you can wear both, especially if you are a watch collector.

Shop the Best Selection of Quartz and Automatic Movement Watches

Since quartz and automatic watches cater to different demands and desires, the choice of the watch depends on your preferences. But, of course, purchasing a brand-new timepiece is one of life's greatest pleasures, irrespective of the style chosen.

The Serket Watch Company has given you a collection of both automatic and quartz movements to facilitate your search. All of our timepieces feature superior construction and finishing. In addition, we use anti-reflective sapphire crystals and high-quality straps. Contact us for any inquiries.


Image Source; Christian Delbert/Shutterstock

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