The Anatomy of a Serket Watch

The Anatomy of a Serket Watch

If you’re considering purchasing a Serket watch, then it is also helpful to understand all the inner workings of what makes a luxury watch so great. Gaining a lot of knowledge about your perspective watch is essential as it is a timeless piece of quality art. In addition, this extract will polish seasoned users' knowledge, especially the vocabulary used to describe watches. Read on to learn more about the ins and outs of your new Serket watch.


The case keeps the contents safe and gives a watch a polished appearance. It has two major uses, it must be sturdy enough to safeguard the watch's delicate internal components. It must also be aesthetically pleasing as it's the watch's primary frame.

The case is made from materials such as titanium, gold, platinum, and stainless steel. The case's primary material influences a watch's price. The shape varies, ranging from the classic circle to other unusual shapes like squares and rectangles. Having different shapes satisfies different users' tastes and preferences.


A watch bezel is the case's top ring that encircles the watch crystal. Most bezels are made from metal, although they can be made from other materials. This helps satisfy the tastes and preferences of customers who like customized watches. In addition, rotating bezels are used for supplementary purposes like tachymeters.


The transparent cover on top of the watch face is called a watch crystal. It houses the watch's hands and the bezel. Normally, the crystal fits inside the watch's case, but this does not imply that the case or bezel holds the crystal in place.

A Serket watch's major strengths are its crystal's firm surface and moderate scratch resistance. The crystal must be safe because it shields the watch's face from elements that could damage it, like water, dirt, and other environmental factors.


The movement refers to the watch's inner workings. The case contains the watch movement that completes its appearance. Movements are complex but can be separated into two broad categories: mechanical and quartz. Mechanical motions are driven by gear trains and a wound-spring mechanism.

On the other hand, Quartz movements use a circuit board instead of gears. As a result, the watch casing houses the movement universally. If not, watches would be considerably less portable.

Case back

The case back is the part concealed when the watch is worn. Watch wearers frequently forget to check the case back. Watch brands engrave vital information about the watch on its case back. Most watch cases have a separate, detachable case back that allows you to access the watch's inner components.


A watch crown or winding stem is the little ribbed knob seen at 3 o'clock on most mechanical and automated Serket watches. We boast different watch crowns in our watch assortment at Serket Watch Company. 

Divers Watch Strap

Typically, dive watch bands are made of rubber. Most divers prefer silicone or rubber watch bands for their dive computers, watches, and compasses due to their resistance to wear and tear in seawater.


These are strips that attach a timepiece to the wrist. A decent strap is a must-have accessory for every Serket watch, and switching it out is a simple way to experiment with a new look. Unfortunately, the band is more visible than the face of the watch to an observer. 

Water Resistance

A watch with 10 ATM water resistance or greater is common.. Water is the most harmful element to a watch. Therefore, waterproofing is vital to a watch as it influences its prices and elegance. There are variable degrees of water resistance depending on materials and movement.

A 10 ATM water resistance rating corresponds to 100 meters (or 10 bar) of pressure, making it suitable for swimming.

Dial and Hands

A dial is a metal-based plate seen through a crystal that displays information like hours, minutes, and seconds. Watch hands move along the dial to indicate the hour, minute, or second. The three hands of the watch display the time.

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