The Utility and Advantages of Our Watches

The Utility and Advantages of Our Watches

While some appreciate the fashion aspects of wearing a watch, a timeless watch piece can also be unique in many aspects like its functionality and style.

We at Serket Watch Company urge you to buy a quality timepiece, as we continually strive for style and innovation. Our watches give you a sense of opulence and luxury as their exquisite designs make a statement everywhere you go.

There is a specific skill involved in the creation of a quality watch. Each watch collection is made unique in style and function. Therefore, the Serket Watch Company creates limited quantities of each collection. Our high-quality Serket watches are crafted with elegance and have a magnificent appearance to match the specifications. Continue reading to discover the utility and benefits of each Serket Watch Company collection.


Dive watches keep track of time spent underwater. In essence, visibility decreases as you dive deeper. The use of luminescent minute markers ensures accurate timekeeping underwater. Divers' timepieces are built for optimal legibility underwater.

All Reef Diver 2.0 timepieces meet specific criteria. These include a unidirectional bezel marked at least every five minutes, an indicator that the watch is running in absolute darkness (such as an illuminated second hand), magnetic, shock, and chemical resistance, and the ability to be read from a distance of 25 centimeters (9.84 inches) in utter darkness.

The Reef Diver 2.0 Collection features a water resistance of 20 ATMs, which indicates a high-quality watch. Water is nearly the most harmful element to a watch. Therefore, waterproofing is vital to a quality watch. As with materials and motion, there are variable degrees of water resistance.

20 ATM water resistance indicates that the Reef Diver watch is 200 meters (20 bar) pressure resistant, permitting swimming, showering, and hand washing while wearing it.


The Reef X timepieces are among the most popular options for men's luxury wristwatches. Perhaps it is the knowledge that you have a high-tech gadget on your wrist that undersea explorers have utilized in the past.

Reef X's water resistance is approximately 200 meters, which is 20 bars of pressure resistance. In addition, it features a crown with a screw-down design, a unidirectional bezel, lighting on all elements, resistance to magnetic fields, and a durable, lightweight stainless steel case.

The superior materials utilized to build Reef X watches, from the reliable movement to the sturdy case, render these timepieces extremely durable, indicating that you will not have technical issues with your watch. As a result, purchasing a Reef X watch is an excellent investment.


The Wraith Watch Collection is made of stainless steel. The most remarkable characteristic of stainless steel is its corrosion resistance. When all iron products rust in humid air, stainless steel products survive longer and shine more. The strong oxidation resistance of stainless steel means that your watch will not oxidize or turn black. Additionally, skin discomfort is uncommon with stainless steel watches.

In addition, the Wraith Collection is constructed through PVD. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is an effective method for strengthening stainless steel and other substances.

The coating prevents the watch's color from fading over time. A watch that lacks a protective coating tarnishes within a year of regular wear. Serket Wraith watches utilize this technology to enhance the quality and convenience of their products. Upscale watchmakers widely utilize PVD or DLC coatings.

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You deserve the best in life, and investing in your style is essential to self-care. In addition, quality timepieces boost your confidence and self-esteem and leave a lasting impact on those who see them on your wrist or around your neck.

Our objective at Serket Watch Company is to offer affordable watches made with high-quality materials and precise engineering. Shop your favorite style of a watch from Serket Company and take pleasure in the distinct characteristics of each luxury watch collection. For any inquiries, contact us through our contact page or send us an email at info@serketwatch.com.


Credit To: Dudarev Mikhail

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